Cremation Services

Fernwood Cemetery offers cremation services, utilizing state of the art cremation equipment, as well as green burial sites for interred remains.

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Cremation Services San Francisco Bay Area & Mill Valley

Fernwood Cemetery and Funeral Home has been proudly offering cremation services to the San Francisco Bay Area since the mid-1890s. We offer onsite cremation services with state of the art cremation equipment. Our cremation facilities use natural gas to reduce environmental contaminants and optimize energy use for green cremation and/or burial. If you should decide to create a lasting remembrance for your loved one, we invite you to inter their remains on our grounds. Our Remembrance Room, a landmark modern chapel, provides a unique contemporary location for cremation and memorial services.

Choosing Cremation Services

Cremation is an ancient custom that has been practiced by numerous religions and communities, often chosen by those seeking a respectful and meaningful memorial. Cremation options can offer intimate and thoughtful remembrances for those looking to celebrate a life lived. Rather than a funeral service with a casket burial, more individuals and families are selecting the cremation process as their preferred option, creating a new tradition for those who follow. Many people have been choosing cremation as an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient funeral ceremony.

A lasting remembrance

With a permanent memorial location for your loved one at Fernwood Cemetery, family, friends and future generations have a place where they can come together to pay tribute. Fernwood offers a variety of personalized memorialization options. Our cremation burial sites provide a more traditional resting place. Wall niches are available for a cremated remains (“ashes”) memorial, as well as boulder niches with views of Mt. Tamalpais. Fernwood Cemetery is also home to three scattering gardens where scattering cremated remains (“ashes”) allows the departed to return naturally to the earth.

Direct cremation or witnessed cremation

Our caring and knowledgeable staff has been offering cremation services in San Francisco since the 1980s. We can arrange either a simple, direct cremation or witnessed cremation, depending on your wishes. If you desire a witnessed cremation, Fernwood’s Crematory is designed according to European and Buddhist standards to accommodate intimate ceremonies and gatherings for family members and friends. These ceremonies typically precede the cremation and end as the crematory door closes.

Whether you desire a direct or witnessed cremation, our staff will work with you to obtain the required paperwork and authorizations, as well select a cremation casket and urn. Our beautiful cremation urn options include: hand-blown glass, ceramic, brass, wood, crystal, copper, and bronze, as well as a selection of natural containers for green burial.

Cremation and Memorial Service

Memorializing your loved one is an important part of the grieving process. Fernwood‘s professional staff is here to assist you with funeral planning arrangements, and will treat you with kindness and your loved one with honour during this time. Our Remembrance Room is a beautiful location to hold your memorial service. Your tribute can take place before or after the cremation, or it can be held months later, on a special date, such as an anniversary or birthday. Speak with one of our compassionate and caring staff or a funeral director to explore ways to create a dignified and meaningful event.

Cremation Services Pricing

Cremation: Options available from $2,900
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If you would like to learn more about our green burial and cremation services or for any other matter, please contact Fernwood Cemetery and Funeral Home at 415-383-7100 or through the form on our contact page.

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